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Good News Bible Psalm 51

Good News Bible Psalm 51 is probably one of my favorite Bible verses. I often times think of this song as a spiritual sequel to the Love hymn by the same title. While there are similarities, Good News Bible Psalm 51 goes a bit further in presenting a hopeful and optimistic tune. In particular, Paul sings that God has an "unwrap you" and "soak you in His presence." This gives one a sense that God has not only wrapped us in His promises but also that He's actually been so close to us throughout these times that we have become part of His body. When we pray or praise God we ask Him for His blessing and favor on us and on our families. It is through His grace that we are delivered from sin and are made righteous and holy in Christ. Sometimes we don't feel this grace or these blessings and this is when people can start to drift away. Sometimes people go from one extreme to another - whether it's drugs alcohol, sex, work, or any number of addictions - and can quickly find themselves living in hell because they don't recognize or understand that it is God who is standing between them and their wickedness. If you are seeking help in your battle against evil, then Good News Bible Psalm 51 can be a very encouraging and helpful guide. There are many ways to describe what Good News Bible Psalm 51 teaches and experiences. At first, I would say it's "word of the mouth." I love how the word of God is described as a kind of song. The writer describes the situation, the circumstances, and what is happening as if he were describing it to someone else. That makes it seem personal. The writer is really connecting on a personal level with what he's talking about and it seems almost therapeutic. It's also comforting to know that praise is one of the most important things to focus on. Praise stirs us up. Even at times when things are going wrong and there is stress involved in the situation, praise is still very helpful. Listening to Good News Bible Psalm 51 repeatedly gets you singing along and getting excited about the future. Some people use the Good News Bible song as an opportunity to express some sort of frustration or disappointment. Others might use it to express a long-time secret wish that has been denied. I am sure there are others who have both reasons and wish for good news but just can't seem to find the right words to express it. The point is, the purpose of this song is to inspire and motivate you. Most people find it difficult to move on from one frustration to another especially if they have been down that path for a while. The hope and expectation in the song encourages us to keep going until we reach our goal. That can bring a tremendous amount of peace and inner happiness into our lives. Some people will think that Good News Bible Psalm 51 is old news. This is not true though. Many young Christians today are listening to it to keep them motivated to do more of what God wants them to do. It is a powerful encouragement tool. When I was young, my pastor would play the song at our weekly church meeting and I still remember the words. I can also remember feeling excited when I heard Good News Bible Psalm 51 at my birthday party many years ago. My wife was responsible for setting the speakers so the lyrics would ring true for me then and now. Sometimes knowing the words gives me the courage to act. It encourages me to look for blessings rather than complain about the lack of them. What's most important is that we have the courage to act even when it may be uncomfortable to do so.