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Good News Bible Verses is those passages in the Bible that provide solid encouragement and comfort. These can bring a smile to your face and some peace to your heart. They have the power to uplift you and make your day brighter than it would be without them. Read through the many scriptures and see how they can help you. The Good News Bible Verse contains a lot of good news. It tells us that we are loved by our heavenly Father, which brings an extra boost of confidence. We know that our heavenly Parents are loving and will always support us fully. This gives us something to focus on and builds upon the assurance we already have. There is also good news in the Good News Bible Verse that God has become our keepers and we are not as poor as we think. We have been given the opportunity to choose who among His People will live with us and in what condition. This is because He loves us so much that He made Jesus the Way back that we need to go. One thing that can make this section of the Bible very encouraging is the parable of the lost sheep. This is one of the most famous scriptures in there and is known for its message of perseverance. Here a group of people are lost and they don't know where they are going. The Parable of the Lost Sheep tells them that God will take care of them because He is their rock and their fortress. Another great piece of good news is that we have eternal life with Jesus. This is a comforting thought for anyone that is worried about death. The truth is that all people will eventually die, but Jesus told us that we have eternal life and that we are guaranteed eternal life with Him. This makes life much easier for anyone that is dealing with the fear of dying. The last good news that is found in the Bible is the fact that Jesus died on the cross. People often fear that when they die they won't go to heaven but the Bible says that Jesus was raised from the dead. Therefore it shows that he is the one that is responsible for our salvation and life in the future. We can't deny the fact that Jesus has paid for our sins so we shouldn't fear that we are going to hell because of it. He has already paid for it so there's no reason for us to fear what he says. There are many other Bible scriptures that are full of good news. The fact is that if you just keep searching on the Internet you will find all kinds of good news. We can't ignore the fact that there are problems in the world today that is causing many people to suffer. We need to find hope and not worry about what other people are going through. There are a lot of different ways to find hope but the best way is to find it from the Bible. It might take some time to read through a few good books that are written by very inspired authors but it will be worth it. It's easy to get discouraged with the news today but if we don't read through some of the Bible scriptures that are written by inspired authors we can easily forget about the bad things that happen to other people. There are many people who choose to ignore the good news in favor of the bad news. This should not be done. We have to focus on the good in life and not worry about everything else.