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A good news story can help teach, inform and entertain a public media outlet's reader, audience or listener. But what constitutes a good corporate world story you might read at a trade journal or watch on TV is totally different from a front-page news report you might read in a local newspaper or see on TV. In fact any good story is a good story no matter who is telling the story. The key is presenting the information in such a way that it creates a lasting impression on the reader or viewer. A good news story is one that informs and entertains, it's not just a pithy headline stuffed full of techno-speak. A good news story has solid reporting and substantiated facts backed up with credible sources. When a story is filled with this type of substance, it's hard for others to turn away. Good news stories get people thinking and talking about them. That's how they get into your in-box every day and keep you coming back to see what's new. When presenting a good news story to the media, you must be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Many business pitches are generic, over-the-top presentations given by countless professionals. When presented in this manner, a person would be inclined to take your pitch with a grain of salt. Presenting a unique pitch that is written specifically for your audience, set out in front of the media and given only a brief overview will garner attention and have people asking questions. Don't make your pitch a laundry list of bullet points, just make it specific to the reader. Give them a good idea of what the solution is that you're offering them. A good story idea often involves an environmental issue, local news sources or even local wildlife. There are numerous web sites and publications that give you this freedom to tell a good story. One way to make sure your potential story idea gets picked up by a media outlet is to check out their archives. Check and see if any of your ideas have been covered previously. If so, rework your pitch until it fits within the parameters of the publication. Good News Stories has an amazing way of getting past the filter of regular news broadcasts. When you pitch a story to a media outlet, they are more than happy to publish it - sometimes without even charging you. This can be a big advantage, because when you have a news peg, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Consider submitting your pitch to several different publications to see which one allows you the most exposure. Many times the editors will allow you to run the story as an advertisement. If you have a knack for writing and know your way around the media, you could consider writing and pitching your own unique story. Perhaps you'll have an idea that hasn't been covered yet. It's likely that your new spin on the hot topic will get the attention of a major publication, which would make getting your pitch in front of a lot of editors worth the effort. In some cases, you'll have a hard time finding a publication interested in your story. If this is the case, consider using a news release to get your news story out to media outlets. Be sure to include a brief bio that includes the purpose of the news release, contact information and a couple of sentences about why your release is good news. Make sure you include a signature with your release at the bottom, which will ensure that the story is carried live and online as long as it's newsworthy. You can be an outstanding reporter and present a good news story in no time at all. If you're creative and can pitch well, you can find a niche that no one else is covering. If you keep at it, you can soon be the go-to reporter.